LOS ANGELES, CA – August 15, 2013 — Community Hospital of Huntington Park (CHHP), a facility of Avanti Hospitals, LLC, has been recognized by the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes (CALNOC) with a 2013 Award for Sustained Excellence.

“Community Hospital of Huntington Park’s exceptional performance reflects their dedication and commitment to providing quality care to their community,” said Tony Sung, Chief Operating Officer of CALNOC. “We applaud their efforts and commend them for their exceptional achievements.”

The third annual award by the group recognized exceptional hospitals for outstanding performance in the areas of reducing hospital acquired pressure ulcers and injuries from falls over a 24-month period, covering January 2011 to December 2012.

Chosen among approximately 250 eligible CALNOC hospitals, Community Hospital of Huntington Park was recognized for its commitment and dedication to nursing quality by being selected as one of only four hospitals to receive the CALNOC Double Award for Best Performance in sustaining Zero Falls with Moderate Injury and Zero Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers for two consecutive years. According to information provided by CALNOC, less than 5% of all eligible hospitals have achieved this level of performance.

“Community Hospital of Huntington Park is honored to receive this recognition, as it directly reflects the commitment of Avanti Hospitals, LLC to the high quality care that we deliver daily to our patients,” said Hector Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer of the 81-bed hospital.

“I would like to extend my congratulations to the entire staff of Community Hospital of Huntington Park for a job well done,” said Edward Mirzabegian, Corporate Chief Executive Officer of Avanti Hospitals, LLC. “This prestigious designation is a testament to Avanti’s commitment to quality patient care and outstanding service to the communities we serve.”


CALNOC (the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes), is the leading provider of actionable information and research on nursing sensitive indicators. Always on the forefront of patient care excellence, CALNOC created the first database registry of nursing sensitive indicators, which turns patient outcome data into powerful information. This information helps hospital executives make decisions that advance improvement in patient care quality, safety, and outcomes. Hundreds of leading hospitals have joined CALNOC in its quest to advance global patient care. CALNOC is a non-profit corporation with headquarters in San Ramon, California. For more information call 888.586.1994 or visit www.calnoc.org.

About Avanti Hospitals, LLC

The Avanti Hospitals, LLC system consists of Memorial Hospital of Gardena, Coast Plaza Hospital, East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital, and Community Hospital of Huntington Park. All four acute care hospitals are located near Los Angeles, California. Avanti’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare services to their community with consistency and compassion, which they achieve by focusing on hospitals in underserved areas that will benefit from this strategy. For more information, visit avantihospitals.com.

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