To accommodate the increased demand for urgent and emergent care, CHHP is expanding the Emergency Department to receive paramedic traffic. For the groundbreaking celebration on April 30th, Avanti Hospitals Executive Leadership, Andy Molina, the Mayor for the City of Huntington Park, and other City representatives participated in this special event.

This is an important advancement for the community of Huntington Park as local residents requiring 9-1-1 services can be promptly treated at Community Hospital of Huntington Park rather than traveling to neighboring communities more than 5 miles away. Prompt access to care is an important factor in successful outcomes in emergency care.

The new emergency department will provide more emergency room treatment beds and be staffed with our team of board certified emergency physicians, nurses and technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The expanded Emergency Department waiting room will also be able to accommodate extended family members while your loved one is being treated.

This Emergency Department expansion project is scheduled for completion by June 2012 and current emergency care services are still available during this construction period.