Company Background

Avanti Hospitals began as a partnership of business and clinical professionals, all with the common bond to transform the healthcare industry. Our ownership team has a unique blend of experience, which includes billions of dollars’ worth of transactions, participation in over 900 real estate deals, the provision of emergency services for hundreds of thousands of patients and the management of facilities for some of the largest hospital operators in the country. As a further complement to our team, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in healthcare and finance, adding additional capabilities to our strong core business competencies.

Our diverse healthcare operations and turnaround experience, along with the strategic alignment with leading regional healthcare operations firms uniquely positions us to mitigate risk, create efficiencies and drive significant operational improvements at our facilities. Additionally, our investment banking and real estate expertise provides the foundation for developing focused capitalization strategies, which is often needed to drive future growth, solve temporary cash flow problems and establish a sustainable capital structure.

We offer proven healthcare experience and the ability to support the necessary changes that enable healthcare operations to realize their full potential. We’ve worked with physicians, investors, tenants, landlords, regulators, government agencies and senior management teams, all while maintaining a reputation of trust and high integrity which affirms our credibility in the healthcare industry.